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CacheEntryUpdateArguments Class

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Provides information about a cache entry that will be removed from the cache.


Namespace:  System.Runtime.Caching
Assembly:  System.Runtime.Caching (in System.Runtime.Caching.dll)

public class CacheEntryUpdateArguments

The CacheEntryUpdateArguments type exposes the following members.

Public methodCacheEntryUpdateArgumentsInitializes a new instance of the CacheEntryUpdateArguments class.

Public propertyKeyGets the unique identifier for a cache entry that is about to be removed.
Public propertyRegionNameGets the name of a region in the cache that contains a cache entry.
Public propertyRemovedReasonGets the reason that a cache entry is about to be removed from the cache.
Public propertySourceGets a reference to the ObjectCache instance that contains a cache entry that is about to be removed.
Public propertyUpdatedCacheItemGets or sets the value of CacheItem entry that is used to update the cache object.
Public propertyUpdatedCacheItemPolicyGets or sets the cache eviction or expiration policy of the CacheItem entry that is updated.

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The arguments in the CacheEntryUpdateArguments class contain details about an entry that the cache implementation is about to remove. The arguments include a key to the cache entry, a reference to the ObjectCache instance that the entry will be removed from, a reason for the removal, and the region name in the cache that contains the entry. The constructor of the CacheEntryUpdateArguments class uses these arguments to create a new instance of the class.

A CacheEntryUpdateArguments object is passed to a CacheEntryUpdateCallback handler, which notifies the cache about the entry to remove.

Notes to Implementers

A callback handler must notify the cache implementation whether to insert a replacement entry into the cache in place of the cache entry that is about to be removed. If you want to exchange cache entries, you must assign a value other than null to the UpdatedCacheItem property. Cache implementations will interpret a null value for the UpdatedCacheItem property as a notice that the current cache entry should be removed but not replaced.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5, 4

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