ResXFileRef Class

Represents a link to an external resource.

Namespace: System.Resources
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

public class ResXFileRef
/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ 
/** @attribute TypeConverterAttribute(System.Resources.ResXFileRef+Converter) */ 
public class ResXFileRef
public class ResXFileRef
Not applicable.

The ResXFileRef class is used to include references to files in an XML resource (.resx) file. A ResXFileRef object represents a link to an external resource. The resource manager loads the resource returned when the resource specified by the ResXFileRef object is queried.

In a data entry in a .resx file, the type is ResXFileRef, and the value is the path location on disk. When the resource manager deserializes the object, the ResXFileRef performs the I/O to get the file.

When you compile a .resx file with ResGen.exe, the resources specified in the .resx file are embedded in the resulting document resource file.

The following example shows typical contents of a .resx file.

 <data name="iconclip" type="System.Resources.ResXFileRef, System.Windows.Forms">
  <value>lookout.bmp;System.Drawing.Bitmap, System.Drawing</value>
 <data name="mailbackground" type="System.Resources.ResXFileRef, System.Windows.Forms">
  <value>mailbackground.bmp;System.Drawing.Bitmap, System.Drawing</value>
 <data name="xplogo" type="System.Resources.ResXFileRef, System.Windows.Forms">
  <value>xplogo.png;System.Drawing.Bitmap, System.Drawing</value>

For more information about the format of a .resx file, see Resources in .Resx File Format.


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