PropertyBuilder Properties

The PropertyBuilder type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Attributes Gets the attributes for this property. (Overrides PropertyInfo.Attributes.)
Public property CanRead Gets a value indicating whether the property has a get accessor. (Overrides PropertyInfo.CanRead.)
Public property CanWrite Gets a value indicating whether the property has a set accessor. (Overrides PropertyInfo.CanWrite.)
Public property DeclaringType Gets the class that declares this member. (Overrides MemberInfo.DeclaringType.)
Public property IsSpecialName Gets a value indicating whether the name of the property is recognized as a special name by compilers. (Inherited from PropertyInfo.)
Public property MemberType Gets a MemberTypes value indicating that this member is a property. (Inherited from PropertyInfo.)
Public property MetadataToken Gets a value that identifies a metadata element. (Inherited from MemberInfo.)
Public property Module Gets the module in which the type that declares the current property is being defined. (Overrides MemberInfo.Module.)
Public property Name Gets the name of this member. (Overrides MemberInfo.Name.)
Public property PropertyToken Gets the token for this property.
Public property PropertyType Gets the type of the property. (Overrides PropertyInfo.PropertyType.)
Public property ReflectedType Gets the dynamic type on which this property is defined. (Overrides MemberInfo.ReflectedType.)

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