EnumBuilder.Name Property


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Returns the name of this enum.

Namespace:   System.Reflection.Emit
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Name As String

Property Value

Type: System.String

Read-only. The name of this enum.

The following code sample demonstrates the use of the Name property to reference the name of the current EnumBuilder.

Imports System
Imports System.Collections
Imports System.Threading
Imports System.Reflection
Imports System.Reflection.Emit

Public Class MyEnumBuilderSample
   Private Shared myAssemblyBuilder As AssemblyBuilder
   Private Shared myModuleBuilder As ModuleBuilder
   Private Shared myEnumBuilder As EnumBuilder

   Public Shared Sub Main()
         CreateCallee(Thread.GetDomain(), AssemblyBuilderAccess.Save)
         Dim myTypeArray As Type() = myModuleBuilder.GetTypes()
         Dim myType As Type
         For Each myType In  myTypeArray
            Console.WriteLine("Enum Builder defined in the module builder is: " + myType.Name)
         Next myType

         Console.WriteLine("Properties of EnumBuilder : ")
         Console.WriteLine("Enum Assembly is :" + myEnumBuilder.Assembly.ToString())
         Console.WriteLine("Enum AssemblyQualifiedName is :" + myEnumBuilder.AssemblyQualifiedName.ToString())
         Console.WriteLine("Enum Module is :" + myEnumBuilder.Module.ToString())
         Console.WriteLine("Enum Name is :" + myEnumBuilder.Name.ToString())
         Console.WriteLine("Enum NameSpace is :" + myEnumBuilder.Namespace)
      Catch ex As NotSupportedException
         Console.WriteLine("The following is the exception is raised: " + ex.Message)
      Catch e As Exception
         Console.WriteLine("The following is the exception raised: " + e.Message)
      End Try
   End Sub 'Main

   Private Shared Sub CreateCallee(myAppDomain As AppDomain, access As AssemblyBuilderAccess)
      ' Create a name for the assembly.
      Dim myAssemblyName As New AssemblyName()
      myAssemblyName.Name = "EmittedAssembly"

      ' Create the dynamic assembly.
      myAssemblyBuilder = myAppDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly(myAssemblyName, _

      ' Create a dynamic module.
      myModuleBuilder = myAssemblyBuilder.DefineDynamicModule("EmittedModule", "EmittedModule.mod")

      ' Create a dynamic Enum.
      myEnumBuilder = myModuleBuilder.DefineEnum("MyNamespace.MyEnum", _
                 TypeAttributes.Public, GetType(Int32))

      Dim myFieldBuilder1 As FieldBuilder = myEnumBuilder.DefineLiteral("FieldOne", 1)
      Dim myFieldBuilder2 As FieldBuilder = myEnumBuilder.DefineLiteral("FieldTwo", 2)

   End Sub 'CreateCallee
End Class 'MyEnumBuilderSample

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
Available since 2.0
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