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System.Reflection.Emit Namespace

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

The System.Reflection.Emit namespace contains classes that allow a compiler or tool to emit metadata and Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL). The primary clients of these classes are script engines and compilers.

Public classCustomAttributeBuilderRepresents a custom attribute in a form that can be attached to a type or member that is being emitted.
Public classDynamicMethodDefines and represents a dynamic method that can be compiled, executed, and discarded. Discarded methods are available for garbage collection.
Public classILGeneratorGenerates Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) instructions.
Public classLocalBuilderRepresents a local variable within a method or constructor.
Public classOpCodesProvides field representations of the Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) instructions for emission by the ILGenerator class members (such as Emit).
Public classParameterBuilderCreates or associates parameter information.
Public classSignatureHelperProvides methods for building signatures.

Public structureLabelRepresents a label in the instruction stream. Label is used in conjunction with the ILGenerator class.
Public structureOpCodeDescribes a Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) instruction.

Public enumerationFlowControlDescribes how an instruction alters the flow of control.
Public enumerationOpCodeTypeDescribes the types of the Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) instructions.
Public enumerationOperandTypeDescribes the operand type of Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) instruction.
Public enumerationPackingSizeSpecifies one of two factors that determine the memory alignment of fields when a type is marshaled.
Public enumerationStackBehaviourDescribes how values are pushed onto a stack or popped off a stack.