This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Assembly Properties

The Assembly type exposes the following members.

Public property CodeBase Gets the location of the assembly as specified originally, for example, in an AssemblyName object.
Public property EntryPoint Gets the entry point of this assembly.
Public property EscapedCodeBase Gets the URI, including escape characters, that represents the codebase.
Public property Evidence Gets the evidence for this assembly.
Public property FullName Gets the display name of the assembly.
Public property GlobalAssemblyCache Gets a value indicating whether the assembly was loaded from the global assembly cache.
Public property HostContext Gets the host context with which the assembly was loaded.
Public property ImageRuntimeVersion Gets a string representing the version of the common language runtime (CLR) saved in the file containing the manifest.
Public property IsDynamic Gets a value that indicates whether the current assembly was generated dynamically in the current process by using reflection emit.
Public property IsFullyTrusted Gets a value that indicates whether the current assembly is loaded with full trust.
Public property Location Gets the full path or UNC location of the loaded file that contains the manifest.
Public property ManifestModule Gets the module that contains the manifest for the current assembly.
Public property PermissionSet Gets the grant set of the current assembly.
Public property ReflectionOnly Gets a Boolean value indicating whether this assembly was loaded into the reflection-only context.
Public property SecurityRuleSet Gets a value that indicates which set of security rules the common language runtime (CLR) enforces for this assembly.