ConflictStatus Enumeration

Specifies whether any changes were made to a merged PrintTicket to ensure a viable PrintTicket.

Namespace: System.Printing
Assembly: ReachFramework (in reachframework.dll)

public enum ConflictStatus
/** @attribute ComVisibleAttribute(false) */ 
public enum ConflictStatus
public enum ConflictStatus
<object property="EnumerationValue" .../>

 Member nameDescription
ConflictResolvedOne or more conflicts were found and all conflicts were resolved. 
NoConflictNo conflicts were found between the initial merged print ticket and the supported printer functions. 

When the MergeAndValidatePrintTicket method merges two PrintTickets, the initial print ticket may request printing functions that the printer does not support. In such cases, the printer driver changes the non-viable settings to ensure that the final print ticket is viable. The MergeAndValidatePrintTicket method uses this enumeration to report whether it had to make changes to ensure a viable print ticket.

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