WebClient::Encoding Property


Gets and sets the Encoding used to upload and download strings.

Namespace:   System.Net
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

property Encoding^ Encoding {
	Encoding^ get();
	void set(Encoding^ value);

Property Value

Type: System.Text::Encoding^

A Encoding that is used to encode strings. The default value of this property is the encoding returned by Default.

The UploadString and UploadStringAsync methods use this property to convert the specified string to a Byte array before uploading the string. For additional information, see the GetBytes method.

When a string is downloaded using the DownloadString or DownloadStringAsync methods, WebClient uses the Encoding returned by this to convert the downloaded Byte array into a string. For additional information, see the GetString method.

The following code example demonstrates setting the value of this property.

void UploadString( String^ address )
   String^ data = "Time = 12:00am temperature = 50";
   WebClient^ client = gcnew WebClient;

   // Optionally specify an encoding for uploading and downloading strings.
   client->Encoding = System::Text::Encoding::UTF8;

   // Upload the data.
   String^ reply = client->UploadString( address, data );

   // Disply the server's response.
   Console::WriteLine( reply );

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
Available since 2.0
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 7.0
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