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IrDAListener Class

Places a socket in a listening state to monitor infrared connections from a specified service or network address.

Namespace: System.Net.Sockets
Assembly: System.Net.IrDA (in

Public Class IrDAListener
Dim instance As IrDAListener

public class IrDAListener
public class IrDAListener

This class monitors a service by specifying a service name or a network address. The listener does not listen until you call the Start method.

The following code example creates a connection, with the IrDAEndPoint class, and starts listening for incoming requests from that device. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the IrDAClient class.

' Create a connection, with the IrDAEndPoint class,
' for the selected device in the list box.
' Start listening for incoming requests from
' that device with an IrDAListener object.
    Dim i As Integer = ListBox1.SelectedIndex
    irEndP = New IrDAEndPoint(irDevices(i).DeviceID, irServiceName)
    irListen = New IrDAListener(irEndP)
Catch exSoc As SocketException
    MsgBox("Couldn't listen on service " & irServiceName & ": " _
        & exSoc.ErrorCode)
End Try


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