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System.Net.Sockets Namespace

The System.Net.Sockets namespace provides a managed implementation of the Windows Sockets (Winsock) interface for developers who need to tightly control access to the network.

The TCPClient, TCPListener, and UDPClient classes encapsulate the details of creating TCP and UDP connections to the Internet.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
IrDAClient Provides connection information, and creates client connection objects for opening and closing connections to a server.
IrDADeviceInfo Provides information about available servers and ports obtained by the client during a discovery query.
IrDAListener Places a socket in a listening state to monitor connections from a specified service or network address.
LingerOption Specifies whether a Socket will remain connected after a call to Close and the length of time it will remain connected, if data remains to be sent.
MulticastOption Contains IPAddress values used for joining and dropping multicast groups.
NetworkStream Provides the underlying stream of data for network access.
Socket Implements the Berkeley sockets interface.
SocketException The exception that is thrown when a socket error occurs.
TcpClient Provides client connections for TCP network services.
TcpListener Listens for connections from TCP network clients.
UdpClient Provides User Datagram Protocol (UDP) network services.


Enumeration Description
AddressFamily Specifies the addressing scheme that an instance of the Socket class can use.
IrDACharacterSet Describes the character sets supported by the device.
IrDAHints Describes an enumeration of possible device types, such as Fax.
ProtocolFamily Specifies the type of protocol that an instance of the Socket class can use.
ProtocolType Specifies the protocols that the Socket class supports.
SelectMode Defines the polling modes for the Socket.Poll method.
SocketFlags Provides constant values for Socket messages.
SocketOptionLevel Defines socket option levels for the Socket.SetSocketOption and Socket.GetSocketOption methods.
SocketOptionName Defines Socket configuration option names for the Socket class.
SocketShutdown Defines constants used by the Socket.Shutdown method.
SocketType Specifies the type of socket an instance of the Socket class represents.

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