NegotiateStream::EndWrite Method (IAsyncResult^)


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Ends an asynchronous write operation that was started with a call to BeginWrite.

Namespace:   System.Net.Security
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

virtual void EndWrite(
	IAsyncResult^ asyncResult
) override


Type: System::IAsyncResult^

An IAsyncResult instance returned by a call to BeginWrite

Exception Condition

asyncResult is null.


The asyncResult was not created by a call to BeginWrite.


There is no pending write operation to complete.


The write operation failed.


Authentication has not occurred.

If the operation has not completed, this method blocks until it does.

You cannot call this method until you have successfully authenticated. To authenticate, call one of the AuthenticateAsClient, BeginAuthenticateAsClient, AuthenticateAsServer, or BeginAuthenticateAsServer methods.

To perform this operation synchronously, use the Write method.

The following code example demonstrates a method that is called to complete the asynchronous write operation. For an example that demonstrates starting the operation, see BeginWrite.

// The following method is called when the write operation completes.
static void EndWriteCallback( IAsyncResult^ ar )
   Console::WriteLine( L"Client ending write operation..." );
   NegotiateStream^ authStream = dynamic_cast<NegotiateStream^>(ar->AsyncState);

   // End the asynchronous operation.
   authStream->EndWrite( ar );

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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