ContactManager::ApplicationChanged Event


Raised whenever a PeerApplication associated with a PeerContact in the ContactManager has changed.

Namespace:   System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration
Assembly:  System.Net (in System.Net.dll)

event EventHandler<ApplicationChangedEventArgs^>^ ApplicationChanged {
	void add(EventHandler<ApplicationChangedEventArgs^>^ value);
	void remove(EventHandler<ApplicationChangedEventArgs^>^ value);

Exception Condition

The calling object has been disposed.

This method only returns applications published by contacts of the calling peer.

Before this event can be raised, the current user of the remote peer must subscribe to the collaboration events of the remote peer. Subscription is accomplished via the Subscribe method.

This event requires a PermissionState of Unrestricted.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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