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System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration Namespace
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System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration Namespace

The System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration namespace enhances System.Net.PeerToPeer networking functionality and provides capabilities for serverless managed collaboration sessions.

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Collaboration Infrastructure provides a peer-to-peer network-based framework for collaborative activities, such as network game matchmaking, conferencing, and other interactive multi-participant activities. This serverless infrastructure includes APIs that simplify the process by which applications can track peer presence without a server, send invitations to participants, discover peers on the same subnet, and manage contacts.

Native Peer Collaboration APIs are available on Windows Vista clients in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Peer Collaboration APIs are not available on Windows Server 2008.

NOTE: The Collaboration APIs are functional from a service only if the service is impersonating a caller, and the caller is an interactive user (as opposed to a built-in user). Multiple Contact Managers are not supported.

Public classApplicationChangedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a ApplicationChanged event occurs.
Public classContactManagerRepresents a collection of PeerContact objects which persist in a Windows Address Book.
Public classCreateContactCompletedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a CreateContactCompleted event occurs.
Public classInviteCompletedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when an InviteCompleted event occurs.
Public classNameChangedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a NameChanged event occurs.
Public classObjectChangedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a ObjectChanged event occurs.
Public classPeerThis class represents a remote peer.
Public classPeerApplicationRepresents an application that is available for use with the Peer Collaboration infrastructure.
Public classPeerApplicationCollectionRepresents a container for PeerApplication elements. An instance of this type is returned by the GetContacts static method.
Public classPeerApplicationLaunchInfoRepresents the launch information required by a PeerApplication that has initiated in response to a peer collaboration invitation.
Public classPeerCollaborationInteracts with the Peer Collaboration infrastructure. Many of the core collaboration scenarios begin with this class.
Public classPeerCollaborationPermissionSpecifies the values that define or are used in System.Net.PeerToPeer.Collaboration object permissions.
Public classPeerCollaborationPermissionAttributeAllows security actions for PeerCollaborationPermission to be applied to code using declarative security. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classPeerContactRepresents a peer for which a user has retrieved extended information.
Public classPeerContactCollectionRepresents a container for PeerContact elements. An instance of this type is returned by the GetContacts static method.
Public classPeerEndPointRepresents the location of a PeerNearMe, or PeerContact instance specified with a unique network address configuration by describing the current instance of a PeerContact or PeerNearMe within the Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Infrastructure.
Public classPeerEndPointCollectionRepresents a container for elements of a PeerEndPoint object. An instance of this type is returned by the Peer class.
Public classPeerInvitationResponseRepresents a response received from a remote peer to an invitation sent via the Invite or Invite method.
Public classPeerNearMeRepresents a peer located by the "People Near Me" infrastructure.
Public classPeerNearMeChangedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a PeerNearMeChanged event occurs.
Public classPeerNearMeCollectionRepresents a container for elements of a PeerNearMe object. An instance of this type is returned by the GetPeersNearMe static method.
Public classPeerObjectRepresents a new instance of the PeerObject class with an auto-generated Guid.
Public classPeerObjectCollectionRepresents a container for elements of a PeerObject instance.
Public classPeerPresenceInfoRepresents the presence information of a peer.
Public classPresenceChangedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a PresenceChanged or LocalPresenceChanged event occurs.
Public classRefreshDataCompletedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to the OnRefreshDataCompleted method when RefreshDataCompleted events occur.
Public classSubscribeCompletedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a SubscribeCompleted event is signaled.
Public classSubscriptionListChangedEventArgsProvides qualifying information to a callback method when a SubscriptionListChanged event is signaled.

Public enumerationPeerApplicationRegistrationTypeSpecifies the type of registration to perform for a PeerApplication or PeerObject registration.
Public enumerationPeerChangeTypeSpecifies the type of change that occurred for a peer.
Public enumerationPeerInvitationResponseTypeSpecifies the responses a local peer can receive from an application driven collaboration invitation requests.
Public enumerationPeerPresenceStatusSpecifies the presence status of a peer.
Public enumerationPeerScopeSpecifies the current network scope of a peer.
Public enumerationSubscriptionTypeSpecifies if a remote peer subscribed to the local peer can receive event notifications.

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