ICredentials Interface

Provides the base authentication interface for retrieving credentials for Web client authentication.

Namespace: System.Net
Assembly: System (in system.dll)

Public Interface ICredentials
Dim instance As ICredentials

public interface ICredentials
public interface ICredentials

The ICredentials interface provides the GetCredential method to objects that supply network credentials to applications.

The following example illustrates how to use the ICredentials interface.

Class CredentialInfo
    Public uriObj As Uri
    Public authenticationType As [String]
    Public networkCredentialObj As NetworkCredential
    Public Sub New(uriObj As Uri, authenticationType As [String], networkCredentialObj As NetworkCredential)
        Me.uriObj = uriObj
        Me.authenticationType = authenticationType
        Me.networkCredentialObj = networkCredentialObj
    End Sub 'New
End Class 'CredentialInfo

Private arrayListObj As ArrayList

Public Sub New()
    arrayListObj = New ArrayList()
End Sub 'New

Public Sub Add(uriObj As Uri, authenticationType As [String], credential As NetworkCredential)
    ' adds a 'CredentialInfo' object into a list
    arrayListObj.Add(New CredentialInfo(uriObj, authenticationType, credential))
End Sub 'Add

' Remove the 'CredentialInfo' object from the list which matches to the given 'Uri' and 'AuthenticationType'
Public Sub Remove(uriObj As Uri, authenticationType As [String])
    Dim index As Integer
    For index = 0 To arrayListObj.Count - 1
        Dim credentialInfo As CredentialInfo = CType(arrayListObj(index), CredentialInfo)
        If uriObj.Equals(credentialInfo.uriObj) And authenticationType.Equals(credentialInfo.authenticationType) Then
        End If
    Next index
End Sub 'Remove

Public Function GetCredential(uriObj As Uri, authenticationType As [String]) As NetworkCredential  Implements ICredentials.GetCredential
    Dim index As Integer
    For index = 0 To arrayListObj.Count - 1
        Dim credentialInfoObj As CredentialInfo = CType(arrayListObj(index), CredentialInfo)
        If uriObj.Equals(credentialInfoObj.uriObj) And authenticationType.Equals(credentialInfoObj.authenticationType) Then
            Return credentialInfoObj.networkCredentialObj
        End If
    Next index
    Return Nothing
End Function 'GetCredential

class CredentialList implements ICredentials
    class CredentialInfo
        public Uri uriObj;
        public String authenticationType;
        public NetworkCredential networkCredentialObj;

        public CredentialInfo(Uri uriObj, String authenticationType, 
            NetworkCredential networkCredentialObj)
            this.uriObj = uriObj;
            this.authenticationType = authenticationType;
            this.networkCredentialObj = networkCredentialObj;
        } //CredentialInfo
    } //CredentialInfo

    private ArrayList arrayListObj;

    public CredentialList()
        arrayListObj = new ArrayList();
    } //CredentialList

    public void Add(Uri uriObj, String authenticationType, 
        NetworkCredential credential)
        // Add a 'CredentialInfo' object into a list.
        arrayListObj.Add(new CredentialInfo(uriObj, 
            authenticationType, credential));
    } //Add

    // Remove the 'CredentialInfo' object from the list that matches to 
    // the given 'Uri' and 'AuthenticationType'
    public void Remove(Uri uriObj, String authenticationType)
        for (int index = 0; index < arrayListObj.get_Count(); index++) {
            CredentialInfo credentialInfo = (CredentialInfo)

            if (uriObj.Equals(credentialInfo.uriObj) && 
                authenticationType.Equals(credentialInfo.authenticationType)) {
    } //Remove

    public NetworkCredential GetCredential(Uri uriObj, 
        String authenticationType)
        for (int index = 0; index < arrayListObj.get_Count(); index++) {
            CredentialInfo credentialInfoObj = (CredentialInfo)

            if (uriObj.Equals(credentialInfoObj.uriObj) && 
                authenticationType)) {
                return credentialInfoObj.networkCredentialObj;
        return null;
    } //GetCredential
} //CredentialList

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