HttpListenerRequest::Cookies Property


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Gets the cookies sent with the request.

Namespace:   System.Net
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

property CookieCollection^ Cookies {
	CookieCollection^ get();

Property Value

Type: System.Net::CookieCollection^

A CookieCollection that contains cookies that accompany the request. This property returns an empty collection if the request does not contain cookies.

A cookie is name/value text data from a Web server that is stored on the local (client) computer.

The following code example displays the values of cookies sent with the request.

// This example requires the System and System.Net nam'espaces.
public static void DisplayCookies(HttpListenerRequest request)
    // Print the properties of each cookie.
    foreach (Cookie cook in request.Cookies)
        Console.WriteLine("{0} = {1}", cook.Name, cook.Value);
        Console.WriteLine("Domain: {0}", cook.Domain);
        Console.WriteLine("Path: {0}", cook.Path);
        Console.WriteLine("Port: {0}", cook.Port);
        Console.WriteLine("Secure: {0}", cook.Secure);

        Console.WriteLine("When issued: {0}", cook.TimeStamp);
        Console.WriteLine("Expires: {0} (expired? {1})", 
            cook.Expires, cook.Expired);
        Console.WriteLine("Don't save: {0}", cook.Discard);    
        Console.WriteLine("Comment: {0}", cook.Comment);
        Console.WriteLine("Uri for comments: {0}", cook.CommentUri);
        Console.WriteLine("Version: RFC {0}" , cook.Version == 1 ? "2109" : "2965");

        // Show the string representation of the cookie.
        Console.WriteLine ("String: {0}", cook.ToString());

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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