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HttpResponseHeadersExtensions Class

HttpResponseHeadersExtensions Class


Provides extension methods for the HttpResponseHeaders class.

Namespace:   System.Net.Http
Assembly:  System.Net.Http.Formatting (in System.Net.Http.Formatting.dll)


public static class HttpResponseHeadersExtensions

System_CAPS_pubmethodSystem_CAPS_staticAddCookies(HttpResponseHeaders, IEnumerable<CookieHeaderValue>)

Adds cookies to a response. Each Set-Cookie header is represented as one CookieHeaderValue instance. A CookieHeaderValue contains information about the domain, path, and other cookie information as well as one or more CookieState instances. Each CookieState instance contains a cookie name and whatever cookie state is associate with that name. The state is in the form of a NameValueCollection which on the wire is encoded as HTML Form URL-encoded data. This representation allows for multiple related "cookies" to be carried within the same Cookie header while still providing separation between each cookie state. A sample Cookie header is shown below. In this example, there are two CookieState with names state1 and state2 respectively. Further, each cookie state contains two name/value pairs (name1/value1 and name2/value2) and (name3/value3 and name4/value4). <code> Set-Cookie: state1:name1=value1&amp;name2=value2; state2:name3=value3&amp;name4=value4; domain=domain1; path=path1; </code>

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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