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CookieHeaderValue Class

Provides value for the cookie header.


Namespace:  System.Net.Http.Headers
Assembly:  System.Net.Http.Formatting (in System.Net.Http.Formatting.dll)

public class CookieHeaderValue : ICloneable

The CookieHeaderValue type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCookieHeaderValue()Initializes a new instance of the CookieHeaderValue class.
Public methodCookieHeaderValue(String, NameValueCollection)Initializes a new instance of the CookieHeaderValue class.
Public methodCookieHeaderValue(String, String)Initializes a new instance of the CookieHeaderValue class.

Public propertyCookiesGets a collection of cookies sent by the client.
Public propertyDomainGets or sets the domain to associate the cookie with.
Public propertyExpiresGets or sets the expiration date and time for the cookie.
Public propertyHttpOnlyGets or sets a value that specifies whether a cookie is accessible by client-side script.
Public propertyItemGets a shortcut to the cookie property.
Public propertyMaxAgeGets or sets the maximum age permitted for a resource.
Public propertyPathGets or sets the virtual path to transmit with the current cookie.
Public propertySecureGets or sets a value indicating whether to transmit the cookie using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)—that is, over HTTPS only.

Public methodCloneCreates a shallow copy of the cookie value.
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