MediaTypeFormatterMatchRanking Enumeration

Contains information about the degree to which a MediaTypeFormatter matches the explicit or implicit preferences found in an incoming request.

Namespace:  System.Net.Http.Formatting
Assembly:  System.Net.Http.Formatting (in System.Net.Http.Formatting.dll)

type MediaTypeFormatterMatchRanking

Member nameDescription
None No match was found

MatchOnCanWriteType Matched on a type, meaning that the formatter is able to serialize the type.

MatchOnRequestAcceptHeaderLiteralMatched on an explicit literal accept header, such as “application/json”.
MatchOnRequestAcceptHeaderSubtypeMediaRangeMatched on an explicit subtype range in an Accept header, such as “application/*”.
MatchOnRequestAcceptHeaderAllMediaRangeMatched on an explicit “*/*” range in the Accept header.
MatchOnRequestWithMediaTypeMapping Matched on HttpRequestMessage after having applied the various MediaTypeMappings.

MatchOnRequestMediaType Matched on the media type of the entity body in the HTTP request message.