GlobalProxySelection::GetEmptyWebProxy Method ()


Returns an empty proxy instance.

Namespace:   System.Net
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

static IWebProxy^ GetEmptyWebProxy()

Return Value

Type: System.Net::IWebProxy^

An IWebProxy that contains no information.

The GetEmptyWebProxy method returns a blank IWebProxy instance to indicate that no proxy is used to access an Internet resource.

The following code example creates a WebRequest instance that does not use a proxy.

#using <System.dll>

using namespace System;
using namespace System::Net;
using namespace System::IO;
int main()

   // Create a request for the Web page at
   WebRequest^ request = WebRequest::Create( L"" );

   // This application doesn't want they proxy to be used so it sets
   // the global proxy to an empy proxy.
   IWebProxy^ myProxy = GlobalProxySelection::GetEmptyWebProxy();

   // Get the response.
   WebResponse^ response = request->GetResponse();

   // Display the response to the console.
   Stream^ stream = response->GetResponseStream();
   StreamReader^ reader = gcnew StreamReader( stream );
   Console::WriteLine( reader->ReadToEnd() );

   // Clean up.
   return 0;

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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