MessagePropertyFilter.ClearAll Method ()


Sets all Boolean filter values to false, so that no message properties are retrieved when receiving a message.

Namespace:   System.Messaging
Assembly:  System.Messaging (in System.Messaging.dll)

public void ClearAll()

Use ClearAll to set all MessagePropertyFilter Boolean properties to false. This causes no message properties to be retrieved when receiving messages. ClearAll does not affect the values for DefaultBodySize, DefaultExtensionSize, or DefaultLabelSize.

After calling ClearAll, it is necessary to set at least one filter property to true in order to receive data related to a message. You can either set individual properties to true, or you can call SetDefaults or SetAll.

The following code example calls the ClearAll method.

// Set all of the queue's MessageReadPropertyFilter Boolean properties
// to false.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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