PSVariableProperty Constructor (PSVariable)


Updated: April 27, 2016

Applies To: Windows PowerShell

Initializes a new instance of the PSVariableProperty class with the name of the variable. This constructor is introduced by Windows PowerShell 2.0.

Namespace:   System.Management.Automation
Assembly:  System.Management.Automation (in System.Management.Automation.dll)

public PSVariableProperty(
	PSVariable variable


Type: System.Management.Automation.PSVariable

A PSVariable object that defines the variable that is accessed through this property.

Exception Condition

variable is empty or null.

A variable property has a name/value pairing. For more information about variable properties in addition to other property types defined by the extended type system (ETS), see ETS Properties [ps]. For more information about the extended type system (ETS), see Windows PowerShell Extended Type System (ETS) [ps].

Although it is possible to derive from this class, there is no established scenario for doing this, and any attempt to do so might result in unexpected behavior.

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