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ParameterBindingException Properties

  Name Description
public property CommandInvocation Gets the invocation information about the command.
public property Data  (Inherited from Exception)
public property ErrorId Gets the error identifier of this exception.
public property ErrorRecord  Gets the error record associated with the exception. (Inherited from RuntimeException)
public property HelpLink  (Inherited from Exception)
public property HResult  (Inherited from Exception)
public property InnerException  (Inherited from Exception)
public property Line Gets the line in the script at which the error occurred.
public property Message Overridden. Gets the exception message that describes the error condition.
public property Offset Gets the offset on the line in the script at which the error occurred.
public property ParameterName Gets the name of the parameter.
public property ParameterType Gets the type that the parameter is expecting.
public property Source  (Inherited from Exception)
public property StackTrace  Overridden. Gets the stack trace associated with the exception. (Inherited from Exception)
public property TargetSite  (Inherited from Exception)
public property TypeSpecified Gets the type that was specified as the parameter value.
public property WasThrownFromThrowStatement  Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the exception was thrown from a throw statement. (Inherited from RuntimeException)

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