ExpressionVisitor Class

Represents a visitor or rewriter for expression trees.


Namespace:  System.Linq.Expressions
Assembly:  System.Core (in System.Core.dll)

public abstract class ExpressionVisitor

The ExpressionVisitor type exposes the following members.

Protected methodExpressionVisitorInitializes a new instance of ExpressionVisitor.

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Public methodVisit(Expression)Dispatches the expression to one of the more specialized visit methods in this class.
Public methodVisit(ReadOnlyCollection<Expression>)Dispatches the list of expressions to one of the more specialized visit methods in this class.
Public methodStatic memberVisit<T>(ReadOnlyCollection<T>, Func<T, T>)Visits all nodes in the collection using a specified element visitor.
Public methodVisitAndConvert<T>(T, String)Visits an expression, casting the result back to the original expression type.
Public methodVisitAndConvert<T>(ReadOnlyCollection<T>, String)Visits an expression, casting the result back to the original expression type.
Protected methodVisitBinaryVisits the children of the BinaryExpression.
Protected methodVisitBlockVisits the children of the BlockExpression.
Protected methodVisitCatchBlockVisits the children of the CatchBlock.
Protected methodVisitConditionalVisits the children of the ConditionalExpression.
Protected methodVisitConstantVisits the ConstantExpression.
Protected methodVisitDebugInfoVisits the DebugInfoExpression.
Protected methodVisitDefaultVisits the DefaultExpression.
Protected methodVisitDynamicVisits the children of the DynamicExpression.
Protected methodVisitElementInitVisits the children of the ElementInit.
Protected methodVisitExtensionVisits the children of the extension expression.
Protected methodVisitGotoVisits the children of the GotoExpression.
Protected methodVisitIndexVisits the children of the IndexExpression.
Protected methodVisitInvocationVisits the children of the InvocationExpression.
Protected methodVisitLabelVisits the children of the LabelExpression.
Protected methodVisitLabelTargetVisits the LabelTarget.
Protected methodVisitLambda<T>Visits the children of the Expression<TDelegate>.
Protected methodVisitListInitVisits the children of the ListInitExpression.
Protected methodVisitLoopVisits the children of the LoopExpression.
Protected methodVisitMemberVisits the children of the MemberExpression.
Protected methodVisitMemberAssignmentVisits the children of the MemberAssignment.
Protected methodVisitMemberBindingVisits the children of the MemberBinding.
Protected methodVisitMemberInitVisits the children of the MemberInitExpression.
Protected methodVisitMemberListBindingVisits the children of the MemberListBinding.
Protected methodVisitMemberMemberBindingVisits the children of the MemberMemberBinding.
Protected methodVisitMethodCallVisits the children of the MethodCallExpression.
Protected methodVisitNewVisits the children of the NewExpression.
Protected methodVisitNewArrayVisits the children of the NewArrayExpression.
Protected methodVisitParameterVisits the ParameterExpression.
Protected methodVisitRuntimeVariablesVisits the children of the RuntimeVariablesExpression.
Protected methodVisitSwitchVisits the children of the SwitchExpression.
Protected methodVisitSwitchCaseVisits the children of the SwitchCase.
Protected methodVisitTryVisits the children of the TryExpression.
Protected methodVisitTypeBinaryVisits the children of the TypeBinaryExpression.
Protected methodVisitUnaryVisits the children of the UnaryExpression.

This class is designed to be inherited to create more specialized classes whose functionality requires traversing, examining or copying an expression tree.


Supported in: 5, 4

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Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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