JsonType Enumeration


An enumeration that specifies primitive and structured JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) common language runtime (CLR) types.

Namespace:  System.Json
Assembly:  System.Json (in System.Json.dll)

public enum JsonType

Member nameDescription
StringSpecifies the JSON string CLR type.
NumberSpecifies the JSON number CLR type.
ObjectSpecifies the JSON object CLR type that consists of an unordered collection of key/value pairs, where the key is of type String and the value is of type JsonValue, which can, in turn, be either a primitive or a structured JSON type.
ArraySpecifies the JSON array CLR type that consists of an ordered collection of JsonValue types, which can, in turn, be either primitive or structured JSON types.
BooleanSpecifies the JSON Boolean CLR type.

The primitive JSON CLR types are Boolean, Number, and String.

The structured JSON CLR types are Array and Object.


Supported in: 5, 4, 3

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