StopBits Enumeration

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Specifies the number of stop bits used on the SerialPort object.

Namespace:  System.IO.Ports
Assembly:  Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware (in Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.dll)

public enum StopBits

Member nameDescription
NoneNo stop bits are used. This value is not supported by the StopBits property.
OneOne stop bit is used.
TwoTwo stop bits are used.
OnePointFive1.5 stop bits are used.

You use this enumeration when setting the value of the StopBits property on the SerialPort class. Stop bits separate each unit of data on an asynchronous serial connection. They are also sent continuously when no data is available for transmission.

The None option is not supported. Setting the SerialPort..::..StopBits property to None raises an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.