Parity Enumeration

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Specifies the parity bit for a SerialPort object.

Namespace:  System.IO.Ports
Assembly:  Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware (in Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.dll)

public enum Parity

Member nameDescription
NoneNo parity check occurs.
OddSets the parity bit so that the count of bits set is an odd number.
EvenSets the parity bit so that the count of bits set is an even number.
MarkLeaves the parity bit set to 1.
SpaceLeaves the parity bit set to 0.

Use this enumeration when setting the Parity property for a serial port connection.

Parity is an error-checking procedure in which the number of 1s must always be the same—either even or odd—for each group of bits that is transmitted without error. In modem-to-modem communications, parity is often one of the parameters that must be agreed upon by sending parties and receiving parties before transmission can take place.