PackageDigitalSignatureManager Properties

  Name Description
Public property CertificateOption Gets or sets the X.509 certificate embedding option used by the Sign method to digitally sign package parts.
Public property Static DefaultHashAlgorithm Gets a URI string that identifies the default hash algorithm used to create and verify signatures.
Public property HashAlgorithm Gets or sets the URI identifier for the HashAlgorithm instance used to create and verify signatures.
Public property IsSigned Gets a value that indicates whether the package contains any signatures.
Public property ParentWindow Gets or sets a handle to the parent window for displaying a certificate selection dialog box.
Public property SignatureOrigin Gets the uniform resource identifier (URI) of the signature origin part.
Public property Static SignatureOriginRelationshipType Gets the type of default signature origin relationship.
Public property Signatures Gets a collection of all the signatures contained in the package.
Public property TimeFormat Gets or sets the date/time format used to create a signature SigningTime.
Public property TransformMapping Gets a dictionary that contains each defined ContentType and its associated XMLTransform.Algorithm identifier.

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