SamlSecurityToken.ValidFrom Property

Gets the first instant in time at which this security token is valid.

Namespace: System.IdentityModel.Tokens
Assembly: System.IdentityModel (in system.identitymodel.dll)

public override DateTime ValidFrom { get; }
/** @property */
public DateTime get_ValidFrom ()

public override function get ValidFrom () : DateTime

Not applicable.

Property Value

A DateTime that represents the first instant in time at which this security token is valid.

Use the ValidFrom and ValidTo properties to determine the time period in which a SamlSecurityToken token is valid. The ValidFrom and ValidTo properties represent the first and last instants in time in which the security token is valid, respectively.

By default, a 5-minute clock skew is allowed between the sender and receiver of the security token. So, if the NotBefore property is set to 1:00 PM, then the ValidFrom property is set to 12:55 PM.

When the ValidFrom property is set to MinValue, then the SAML assertion associated with this SamlSecurityToken security token does not have any conditions set.

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