Statements Property

SamlAssertion.Statements Property

Gets the set of SAML statements associated with the SAML assertion.

Namespace: System.IdentityModel.Tokens
Assembly: System.IdentityModel (in system.identitymodel.dll)

public IList<SamlStatement> Statements { get; }
/** @property */
public IList<SamlStatement> get_Statements ()

public function get Statements () : IList<SamlStatement>

Not applicable.

Property Value

An IList of type SamlStatement that contains the SAML statements associated with the SAML assertion.

Use the SamlAssertion to set the SAML statements associated with a SAML assertion or add it directly to the collection that is returned by this property when the IsReadOnly property is false.

The following table maps the three types of SAML statements defined in the Assertions and Protocol for the OASIS SAML specification to their respective types.

Statement Type

CLR Type





Authorization decision


Statement defined in an extension schema


Subject statement defined in an extension schema


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