System.IdentityModel.Tokens Namespace

The System.IdentityModel.Tokens namespace contains classes that represent security tokens, security token handlers, key identifier clauses and other artifacts used in token generation and processing. The namespace contains base classes such as SecurityToken, SecurityTokenHandler, and SecurityKeyIdentifierClause, as well as classes that derive from these classes and represent several of the token types, artifacts, and handlers for which the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) has built in support. This includes classes that contain support for SAML v1.1 and v2.0 tokens, such as: SamlSecurityToken, SamlSecurityTokenHandler, Saml2SecurityToken, and Saml2SecurityTokenHandler.

  Class Description
Public class IssuingAuthority Represents the services that are responsible for issuing security tokens and can sign the tokens using a symmetric or an asymmetric key.
Public class ValidatingIssuerNameRegistry Represents a class that validates security token issuer names.