WSFederationAuthenticationModule::SecurityTokenReceived Event

.NET Framework (current version)

Occurs when a security token has been received from a security token service (STS).

Namespace:   System.IdentityModel.Services
Assembly:  System.IdentityModel.Services (in System.IdentityModel.Services.dll)

event EventHandler<SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs^>^ SecurityTokenReceived {
	void add(EventHandler<SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs^>^ value);
	void remove(EventHandler<SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs^>^ value);

You can add an event handler to modify the token before it is validated. In the event handler you can access the security token through the SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs::SecurityToken property. The SecurityTokenReceived event is a cancelable event, you can set the Cancel property to true in an event handler to terminate processing of the WS-Federation sign-in response message.

This event is raised from inside the OnAuthenticateRequest event-handler delegate when processing a WS-Federation sign-in response message (“wsignin1.0”) received from the security token service (STS). It is raised just after a security token has been deserialized from the wresult or the wresultptr parameter in the sign-in response message, but before the security token is validated.

void WSFederationAuthenticationModule_SecurityTokenReceived(object sender, SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs e)
    //Augment token validation with your cusotm validation checks without invalidating the token.
    System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("Handling SecurityTokenReceived event");

.NET Framework
Available since 4.5
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