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System.IdentityModel.Metadata Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

The System.IdentityModel.Metadata namespace contains classes that represent elements in a Federation Metadata document. A Federation Metadata document is an XML document that provides information that may be useful to partners when establishing a federation. For more information about federation metadata, see section three of the following specification: Web Services Federation Language (WS-Federation) Version 1.2 (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=210152).

  Class Description
Public class ApplicationServiceDescriptor Defines the application service descriptor and its endpoints.
Public class ContactPerson Represents a contact person in SAML 2.0 metadata.
Public class DisplayClaim Represents the displayable claim object.
Public class EncryptionMethod Defines the encryption method.
Public class EntitiesDescriptor Represents a collection of entities.
Public class EntityDescriptor Represents an entity descriptor.
Public class EntityId Represents an entity ID.
Public class IdentityProviderSingleSignOnDescriptor The identity provider single sign-on descriptor (IDPSSODescriptor) class.
Public class IndexedProtocolEndpoint Defines an indexed ProtocolEndpoint.
Public class IndexedProtocolEndpointDictionary A sorted list of IndexedProtocolEndpoint.
Public class KeyDescriptor Defines the key descriptor.
Public class LocalizedEntry The abstract base class that defines a localized entry.
Public class LocalizedEntryCollection<T> A collection of LocalizedEntry objects.
Public class LocalizedName Defines a localized name.
Public class LocalizedUri Defines a localized URI.
Public class MetadataBase Defines the SAML metadata base class.
Public class MetadataSerializationException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while serializing or deserializing SAML metadata.
Public class MetadataSerializer Provides support for Metadata Serialization
Public class Organization Defines an organization.
Public class ProtocolEndpoint This class defines a protocol endpoint.
Public class RoleDescriptor Defines a role descriptor.
Public class SecurityTokenServiceDescriptor Defines a Service Descriptor for a security token service.
Public class ServiceProviderSingleSignOnDescriptor Defines a descriptor for a Service Provider SSO (SPSSO).
Public class SingleSignOnDescriptor Defines an SSO descriptor.
Public class WebServiceDescriptor Defines a web service descriptor.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ContactType Specifies the type of a contact.
Public enumeration KeyType Defines the key types for the KeyDescriptor.Use property.
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