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System.IdentityModel Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

The System.IdentityModel namespace contains classes that are used to build security token services (STS). These include the SecurityTokenService and Scope classes, as well as exception several utility classes that provide the ability to perform cookie transforms.

  Class Description
Public class AsynchronousOperationException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs during an asynchronous operation.
Public class AsyncResult An abstract base class that implements the IAsyncResult interface. Serves as a base class from which to derive IAsyncResult objects that can be used for common asynchronous programming scenarios.
Public class BadRequestException The exception that is thrown when a token request (RST) is not understood by the security token service (STS).
Public class CookieTransform The abstract base class for classes that apply a reversible data transform to cookie data.
Public class DeflateCookieTransform Provides cookie compression using DeflateStream.
Public class DelegatingXmlDictionaryReader A class that wraps a specified reader and delegates all XmlDictionaryReader calls to the wrapped reader.
Public class DelegatingXmlDictionaryWriter A class that wraps a specified writer and delegates all XmlDictionaryWriter calls to the wrapped writer.
Public class EnvelopedSignatureReader Wraps a reader that is pointing to enveloped signed XML to provide a reader that can be used to read the content without having to process the signature. The signature is automatically validated when the last element of the envelope is read. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class EnvelopedSignatureWriter Wraps a writer and generates a signature automatically when the envelope has been completely written. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class LimitExceededException The exception that is thrown when a configured limit or quota is exceeded.
Public class OpenObject An abstract class that provides a generic property bag to derived classes.
Public class ProtectedDataCookieTransform Provides cookie integrity and confidentiality by using the ProtectedData class. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class RequestException The base class for exceptions thrown on request failures.
Public class RequestFailedException The exception that is thrown if the specified request (RST) failed due to an external reason that cannot be specifically determined.
Public class RsaEncryptionCookieTransform Encrypts a cookie using RSA.
Public class RsaSignatureCookieTransform Provides cookie integrity using an RSA signature.
Public class Scope Represents the configuration for the token issuance request.
Public class SecurityMessageSerializationException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while serializing a security message.
Public class SecurityTokenService The abstract base class that defines the properties and methods of a security token service (STS).
Protected class SecurityTokenService.FederatedAsyncState This class is used to maintain the request state across asynchronous calls within a security token service.
Public class SignatureVerificationFailedException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while processing a signature
Public class TypedAsyncResult<T> A concrete implementation of AsyncResult that will wrap the result Type and return it when the End method is called.
Public class UnsupportedTokenTypeBadRequestException The exception that is thrown when the specified token request (RST) is not understood because of an unknown token type.
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