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MaxSupportedDateTime Property

HijriCalendar.MaxSupportedDateTime Property

Gets the latest date and time supported by this calendar.

Namespace:  System.Globalization
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

<ComVisibleAttribute(False)> _
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property MaxSupportedDateTime As DateTime

Property Value

Type: System.DateTime
The latest date and time supported by the HijriCalendar type, which is equivalent to the last moment of December 31, 9999 C.E. in the Gregorian calendar.

December 31, 9999 C.E. is equivalent to the 3rd day of the 4th month of the year 9666 in the Hijri calendar.

The following code example gets the minimum value and the maximum value of the calendar.

Imports System
Imports System.Globalization

Public Class SamplesCalendar   

   Public Shared Sub Main()

      ' Create an instance of the calendar. 
      Dim myCal As New HijriCalendar()

      ' Create an instance of the GregorianCalendar. 
      Dim myGre As New GregorianCalendar()

      ' Display the MinSupportedDateTime and its equivalent in the GregorianCalendar. 
      Dim myMin As DateTime = myCal.MinSupportedDateTime
      Console.Write("MinSupportedDateTime: {0:D2}/{1:D2}/{2:D4}", myCal.GetMonth(myMin), myCal.GetDayOfMonth(myMin), myCal.GetYear(myMin))
      Console.WriteLine(" (in Gregorian, {0:D2}/{1:D2}/{2:D4})", myGre.GetMonth(myMin), myGre.GetDayOfMonth(myMin), myGre.GetYear(myMin))

      ' Display the MaxSupportedDateTime and its equivalent in the GregorianCalendar. 
      Dim myMax As DateTime = myCal.MaxSupportedDateTime
      Console.Write("MaxSupportedDateTime: {0:D2}/{1:D2}/{2:D4}", myCal.GetMonth(myMax), myCal.GetDayOfMonth(myMax), myCal.GetYear(myMax))
      Console.WriteLine(" (in Gregorian, {0:D2}/{1:D2}/{2:D4})", myGre.GetMonth(myMax), myGre.GetDayOfMonth(myMax), myGre.GetYear(myMax))

   End Sub 'Main 

End Class 'SamplesCalendar

'This code produces the following output. 

'MinSupportedDateTime: 01/01/0001 (in Gregorian, 07/18/0622) 
'MaxSupportedDateTime: 04/03/9666 (in Gregorian, 12/31/9999)

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