This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CompareInfo::Name Property

Gets the name of the culture used for sorting operations by this CompareInfo object.

Namespace:  System.Globalization
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

virtual property String^ Name {
	String^ get ();

Property Value

Type: System::String
The name of a culture.

The Name and CultureInfo::Name properties can have different values. For example, an LCID property value of hexadecimal 0x10407 identifies an alternate sort culture that sorts names as they might appear in a German telephone book. The Name property has a value of "de-de_phoneb" while the CultureInfo::Name property of the associated German (Germany) culture has a value of "de-DE".

The following code example compares three strings using the fr-FR and ja-JP cultures. The Name property is used to display the name of each culture.

using namespace System;
using namespace System::Text;
using namespace System::Globalization;

int main()
    array<String^>^ sign = gcnew array<String^> { "<", "=", ">" };

    // The code below demonstrates how strings compare 
    // differently for different cultures.
    String^ s1 = "Coté"; 
    String^ s2 = "coté";
    String^ s3 = "côte";

    // Set sort order of strings for French in France.
    CompareInfo^ ci = (gcnew CultureInfo("fr-FR"))->CompareInfo;
    Console::WriteLine(L"The LCID for {0} is {1}.", ci->Name, ci->LCID);

    // Display the result using fr-FR Compare of Coté = coté.
    Console::WriteLine(L"fr-FR Compare: {0} {2} {1}",
        s1, s2, sign[ci->Compare(s1, s2, CompareOptions::IgnoreCase) + 1]);

    // Display the result using fr-FR Compare of coté > côte.
    Console::WriteLine(L"fr-FR Compare: {0} {2} {1}",
        s2, s3, sign[ci->Compare(s2, s3, CompareOptions::None) + 1]);

    // Set sort order of strings for Japanese as spoken in Japan.
    ci = (gcnew CultureInfo("ja-JP"))->CompareInfo;
    Console::WriteLine(L"The LCID for {0} is {1}.", ci->Name, ci->LCID);

    // Display the result using ja-JP Compare of coté < côte.
    Console::WriteLine("ja-JP Compare: {0} {2} {1}",
        s2, s3, sign[ci->Compare(s2, s3) + 1]);

// This code produces the following output. 
// The LCID for fr-FR is 1036. 
// fr-FR Compare: Coté = coté 
// fr-FR Compare: coté > côte 
// The LCID for ja-JP is 1041. 
// ja-JP Compare: coté < côte

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