This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Environment.NewLine Property

Gets the newline string defined for this environment.

Namespace: System
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Shared ReadOnly Property NewLine As String
Dim value As String

value = Environment.NewLine

/** @property */
public static String get_NewLine ()

public static function get NewLine () : String

Not applicable.

Property Value

A string containing "\r\n" for non-Unix platforms, or a string containing "\n" for Unix platforms.

The property value of NewLine is a constant customized specifically for the current platform and implementation of the .NET Framework. For more information about the escape characters in the property value, see Character Escapes.

The functionality provided by NewLine is often what is meant by the terms newline, line feed, line break, carriage return, CRLF, and end of line.

NewLine can be used in conjunction with language-specific newline support such as the escape characters '\r' and '\n' in Microsoft C# and C/C++, or vbCrLf in Microsoft Visual Basic.

NewLine is automatically appended to text processed by the System.Console.WriteLine and System.Text.StringBuilder.AppendLine methods.

The following code example displays three lines separated by newlines.

' Sample for the Environment.NewLine property
Imports System

Class Sample
   Public Shared Sub Main()
      Console.WriteLine("NewLine: {0}  first line{0}  second line{0}  third line", _
   End Sub 'Main
End Class 'Sample
'This example produces the following results:
'  first line
'  second line
'  third line

// Sample for the Environment.NewLine property
import System.*;

class Sample
    public static void main(String[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("NewLine: {0}  first line{0}  second line{0}"
            + "  third line", Environment.get_NewLine());
    } //main
} //Sample
This example produces the following results:

  first line
  second line
  third line

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