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IProcessInitializer.Startup Method

Note: This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 1.1 of the .NET Framework.

Performs initialization at startup. Called when Dllhost.exe is started.

[Visual Basic]
Sub Startup( _
   <InteropServices.In()> ByVal punkProcessControl As Object _
void Startup(
] object punkProcessControl
void Startup(
] Object* punkProcessControl
function Startup(
   punkProcessControl : Object


In Microsoft Windows XP, a pointer to the IUnknown interface of the COM component starting up. In Microsoft Windows 2000, this argument is always a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


The object referenced by punkProcessControl implements an IProcessInitControl interface. IProcessInitControl supports the single method ResetInitializerTimeout.

The initialization code in Startup can call the ResetInitializerTimeout, with the time-out set equal to the number of seconds remaining before the startup of the component times out.


Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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