IComManagedImportUtil Interface

IComManagedImportUtil Interface


Identifies and installs components in the COM+ catalog.

Namespace:   System.EnterpriseServices.Internal
Assembly:  System.EnterpriseServices (in System.EnterpriseServices.dll)

public interface IComManagedImportUtil

System_CAPS_pubmethodGetComponentInfo(String, String, String)

Gets the component information from the assembly.

System_CAPS_pubmethodInstallAssembly(String, String, String)

Installs an assembly into a COM+ application.

See ComManagedImportUtil for the default implementation of IComManagedImportUtil.

IComManagedImportUtil is used internally by the .NET Framework. You do not need to use it directly in your code.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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