StringFormat Properties

The properties of the StringFormat class are listed here. For a complete list of StringFormat class members, see the StringFormat Members topic.

Public Properties

public propertyAlignment Gets or sets text alignment information.
public propertyDigitSubstitutionLanguage Gets or sets the language that is used when local digits are substituted for western digits.
public propertyDigitSubstitutionMethod Gets or sets the method to be used for digit substitution.
public propertyFormatFlags Gets or sets a StringFormatFlags enumeration that contains formatting information.
public propertystatic (Shared in Visual Basic)GenericDefault Gets a generic default StringFormat object.
public propertystatic (Shared in Visual Basic)GenericTypographic Gets a generic typographic StringFormat object.
public propertyHotkeyPrefix Gets or sets the HotkeyPrefix object for this StringFormat object.
public propertyLineAlignment Gets or sets the line alignment.
public propertyTrimming Gets or sets the StringTrimming enumeration for this StringFormat object.

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