This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IToolboxService Members

Provides methods and properties to manage and query the toolbox in the development environment.

The IToolboxService type exposes the following members.

Public method AddCreator Overloaded. Adds a new toolbox item creator for a specified data format.
Public method AddLinkedToolboxItem Overloaded. Adds a project-linked toolbox item to the toolbox.
Public method AddToolboxItem Overloaded. Adds the specified toolbox item to the toolbox.
Public method DeserializeToolboxItem Overloaded. Gets a toolbox item from the specified object that represents a toolbox item in serialized form.
Public method GetSelectedToolboxItem Overloaded. Gets the currently selected toolbox item.
Public method GetToolboxItems Overloaded. Gets a collection of toolbox items from the toolbox.
Public method IsSupported Overloaded. Gets a value indicating whether the specified object which represents a serialized toolbox item can be used by the specified designer host.
Public method IsToolboxItem Overloaded. Gets a value indicating whether the specified object is a serialized toolbox item.
Public method Refresh Refreshes the state of the toolbox items.
Public method RemoveCreator Overloaded. Removes a previously added toolbox item creator.
Public method RemoveToolboxItem Overloaded. Removes the specified toolbox item from the toolbox.
Public method SelectedToolboxItemUsed Notifies the toolbox service that the selected tool has been used.
Public method SerializeToolboxItem Gets a serializable object that represents the specified toolbox item.
Public method SetCursor Sets the current application's cursor to a cursor that represents the currently selected tool.
Public method SetSelectedToolboxItem Selects the specified toolbox item.

Public property CategoryNames Gets the names of all the tool categories currently on the toolbox.
Public property SelectedCategory Gets or sets the name of the currently selected tool category from the toolbox.