SearchResponse Members

The SearchResponse class is sent by the server as a response to a SearchRequest object. This response contains zero or more SearchResultEntry objects, and zero or more SearchResultReference objects.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SearchResponse type.

  Name Description
Public property Controls Overridden. The Controls property contains the DirectoryControl object returned by the server.
Public property Entries The Entries property contains a SearchResultEntryCollection object that contains the entries returned by the search.
Public property ErrorMessage Overridden. The ErrorMessage property contains the error message, if any, for this operation.
Public property MatchedDN Overridden. The MatchedDN property contains the matched distinguished name returned by the server.
Public property References The References property contains a SearchResultReferenceCollection object that contains search references returned by the server.
Public property Referral Overridden. The Referral property contains the server referrals.
Public property RequestId  The RequestId property contains the Request Identifier.(inherited from DirectoryResponse)
Public property ResultCode Overridden. The ResultCode property contains a value of ResultCode that specifies the result code for the operation.

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