DsmlSoapHttpConnection Properties

  Name Description
Public property AuthType The AuthType property contains one of the values of AuthType enumeration that specifies the authentication type.
Public property ClientCertificates  The ClientCertificates property specifies one or more client certificates to send for authentication. (inherited from DirectoryConnection)
Public property Credential  The Credential property specifies alternate credentials for the connection object. (inherited from DirectoryConnection)
Public property Directory  The Directory property specifies the domain or the server to which the connection should be made. (inherited from DirectoryConnection)
Public property SessionId Overridden. The SessionId property contains the active session ID.
Public property SoapActionHeader The SoapActionHeader property contains the SOAP Action Header sent with other HTTP headers.
Public property SoapRequestHeader  The SoapRequestHeader property contains the SOAP Header attached to outgoing requests. (inherited from DsmlSoapConnection)
Public property Timeout Overridden. The Timeout property contains the length of time, in seconds, before the DsmlSoapHttpConnection times out.

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