CreateChildAccessRule Members

The CreateChildAccessRule class represents a specific type of access rule that is used to allow or deny an Active Directory Domain Services object the right to create child objects.

The following tables list the members exposed by the CreateChildAccessRule type.

  Name Description
Public method CreateChildAccessRule Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the CreateChildAccessRule class.

(see also Protected Properties )
  Name Description
Public property AccessControlType  Gets the AccessControlType value associated with this AccessRule object.(inherited from AccessRule)
Public property ActiveDirectoryRights  Gets the Active Directory Domain Services rights for this access rule.(inherited from ActiveDirectoryAccessRule)
Public property IdentityReference  Gets the IdentityReference to which this rule applies.(inherited from AuthorizationRule)
Public property InheritanceFlags  Gets the value of flags that determine how this rule is inherited by child objects.(inherited from AuthorizationRule)
Public property InheritanceType  Gets the inheritance type for this access rule.(inherited from ActiveDirectoryAccessRule)
Public property InheritedObjectType  Gets the type of child object that can inherit the System.Security.AccessControl.ObjectAccessRule object.(inherited from ObjectAccessRule)
Public property IsInherited  Gets a value indicating whether this rule is explicitly set or is inherited from a parent container object.(inherited from AuthorizationRule)
Public property ObjectFlags  Gets flags that specify if the ObjectType and InheritedObjectType properties of the System.Security.AccessControl.ObjectAccessRule object contain valid values.(inherited from ObjectAccessRule)
Public property ObjectType  Gets the type of object to which the System.Security.AccessControl.ObjectAccessRule applies.(inherited from ObjectAccessRule)
Public property PropagationFlags  Gets the value of the propagation flags, which determine how inheritance of this rule is propagated to child objects. This property is significant only when the value of the InheritanceFlags enumeration is not None.(inherited from AuthorizationRule)

  Name Description
Protected property AccessMask  Gets the access mask for this rule.(inherited from AuthorizationRule)

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  Name Description
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