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System.Diagnostics.Tracing Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

The System.Diagnostics.Tracing namespace provides types and members that enable you to create strongly typed events to be captured by event tracing for Windows (ETW).

A strongly typed event is identified by name and contains payload descriptions. You can discover the list of events that a program can produce by using reflection.

  Class Description
Public class EventAttribute Specifies additional event schema information for an event.
Public class EventCommandEventArgs Provides the arguments for the OnEventCommand callback.
Public class EventDataAttribute Specifies a type to be passed to the Write method.
Public class EventFieldAttribute The EventFieldAttribute is placed on fields of user-defined types that are passed as EventSource payloads.
Public class EventIgnoreAttribute Specifies a property should be ignored when writing an event type with the Write method.
Public class EventListener Provides methods for enabling and disabling events from event sources.
Public class EventSource Provides the ability to create events for event tracing for Windows (ETW).
Public class EventSourceAttribute Allows the event tracing for Windows (ETW) name to be defined independently of the name of the event source class.
Public class EventSourceException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs during event tracing for Windows (ETW).
Public class EventWrittenEventArgs Provides data for the EventListener.OnEventWritten callback.
Public class NonEventAttribute Identifies a method that is not generating an event.

  Structure Description
Protected structure EventSource.EventData Provides the event data for creating fast WriteEvent overloads by using the WriteEventCore method.
Public structure EventSourceOptions Specifies overrides of default event settings such as the log level, keywords and operation code when the Write method is called.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EventActivityOptions Specifies the tracking of activity start and stop events.
Public enumeration EventChannel Specifies the event log channel for the event.
Public enumeration EventCommand Describes the command (EventCommandEventArgs.Command property) that is passed to the OnEventCommand callback.
Public enumeration EventFieldFormat Specifies how to format the value of a user-defined type and can be used to override the default formatting for a field.
Public enumeration EventFieldTags Specifies the user-defined tag that is placed on fields of user-defined types that are passed as EventSource payloads through the EventFieldAttribute.
Public enumeration EventKeywords Defines the standard keywords that apply to events.
Public enumeration EventLevel Identifies the level of an event.
Public enumeration EventManifestOptions Specifies how the ETW manifest for the event source is generated.
Public enumeration EventOpcode Defines the standard operation codes that the event source attaches to events.
Public enumeration EventSourceSettings Specifies configuration options for an event source.
Public enumeration EventTags Specifies the tracking of activity start and stop events. You should only use the lower 24 bits. For more information, see EventSourceOptions and Write.
Public enumeration EventTask Defines the tasks that apply to events.
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