ISymbolWriter Members

Represents a symbol writer for managed code.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ISymbolWriter type.

  Name Description
Public method Close Closes ISymbolWriter and commits the symbols to the symbol store.
Public method CloseMethod Closes the current method.
Public method CloseNamespace Closes the most recent namespace.
Public method CloseScope Closes the current lexical scope.
Public method DefineDocument Defines a source document.
Public method DefineField Defines a field in a type or a global field.
Public method DefineGlobalVariable Defines a single global variable.
Public method DefineLocalVariable Defines a single variable in the current lexical scope.
Public method DefineParameter Defines a single parameter in the current method. The type of each parameter is taken from its position within the signature of the method.
Public method DefineSequencePoints Defines a group of sequence points within the current method.
Public method Initialize Sets the metadata emitter interface to associate with a writer.
Public method OpenMethod Opens a method to place symbol information into.
Public method OpenNamespace Opens a new namespace.
Public method OpenScope Opens a new lexical scope in the current method.
Public method SetMethodSourceRange Specifies the true start and end of a method within a source file. Use SetMethodSourceRange to specify the extent of a method, independent of the sequence points that exist within the method.
Public method SetScopeRange Defines the offset range for the specified lexical scope.
Public method SetSymAttribute Defines an attribute when given the attribute name and the attribute value.
Public method SetUnderlyingWriter Sets the underlying ISymUnmanagedWriter (the corresponding unmanaged API) that a managed ISymbolWriter uses to emit symbols.
Public method SetUserEntryPoint Identifies the user-defined method as the entry point for the current module.
Public method UsingNamespace Specifies that the given, fully-qualified namespace name is used within the open lexical scope.