This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ISymbolReader Methods

The methods of the ISymbolReader interface are listed here. For a complete list of ISymbolReader interface members, see the ISymbolReader Members topic.

Public Methods

public methodGetDocument Gets a document specified by the language, vendor, and type.
public methodGetDocuments Gets an array of all documents defined in the symbol store.
public methodGetGlobalVariables Gets all global variables in the module.
public methodGetMethod Overloaded. Gets a symbol reader method object.
public methodGetMethodFromDocumentPosition Gets a symbol reader method object that contains a specified position in a document.
public methodGetNamespaces Gets the namespaces that are defined in the global scope within the current symbol store.
public methodGetSymAttribute Gets an attribute value when given the attribute name.
public methodGetVariables Gets the variables that are not local when given the parent.

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