StackFrame.GetFileLineNumber Method

Gets the line number in the file that contains the code that is executing. This information is typically extracted from the debugging symbols for the executable.

Namespace: System.Diagnostics
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Overridable Function GetFileLineNumber As Integer
Dim instance As StackFrame
Dim returnValue As Integer

returnValue = instance.GetFileLineNumber
public int GetFileLineNumber ()
public function GetFileLineNumber () : int

Return Value

The file line number. -or- Zero if the file line number cannot be determined.

The following code example demonstrates how you can use the GetFileLineNumber method.

' Display the stack frame properties.
Dim sf As StackFrame = st.GetFrame(i)
Console.WriteLine(" File: {0}", sf.GetFileName())
Console.WriteLine(" Line Number: {0}", _
' The column number defaults to zero when not initialized.
Console.WriteLine(" Column Number: {0}", _
If sf.GetILOffset <> StackFrame.OFFSET_UNKNOWN
   Console.WriteLine(" Intermediate Language Offset: {0}", _
End If
If sf.GetNativeOffset <> StackFrame.OFFSET_UNKNOWN
  Console.WriteLine(" Native Offset: {0}", _
End If

// Display the stack frame properties.
StackFrame sf = st.GetFrame(i);
Console.WriteLine(" File: {0}", sf.GetFileName());
Console.WriteLine(" Line Number: {0}", (

// Note that the column number defaults to zero
// when not initialized.
Console.WriteLine(" Column Number: {0}", 
if (sf.GetILOffset() != StackFrame.OFFSET_UNKNOWN) {
    Console.WriteLine(" Intermediate Language Offset: {0}", 
if (sf.GetNativeOffset() != StackFrame.OFFSET_UNKNOWN) {
    Console.WriteLine(" Native Offset: {0}", 

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