EventLogInstaller Properties

The properties of the EventLogInstaller class are listed here. For a complete list of EventLogInstaller class members, see the EventLogInstaller Members topic.

Public Properties

public propertyContainer (inherited from Component) Gets the IContainer that contains the Component.
public propertyContext (inherited from Installer) Gets or sets information about the current installation.
public propertyHelpText (inherited from Installer) Gets the help text for all the installers in the installer collection.
public propertyInstallers (inherited from Installer) Gets the collection of installers that this installer contains.
public propertyLog Gets or sets the name of the log to set the source to.
public propertyParent (inherited from Installer) Gets or sets the installer containing the collection that this installer belongs to.
public propertySite (inherited from Component) Gets or sets the ISite of the Component.
public propertySource Gets or sets the source name to register with the log.
public propertyUninstallAction Gets or sets a value indicating what the installer does with the event log at uninstall time: remove it or leave it in its current installed state.

Protected Properties

protected propertyDesignMode (inherited from Component) Gets a value that indicates whether the Component is currently in design mode.
protected propertyEvents (inherited from Component) Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this Component.

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