This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ApplicationDeployment Members

Supports updates of the current deployment programmatically, and handles on-demand downloading of files. This class cannot be inherited.

The ApplicationDeployment type exposes the following members.

Public method CheckForDetailedUpdate Overloaded. Performs the same operation as CheckForUpdate, but returns extended information about the available update.
Public method CheckForUpdate Overloaded. Checks UpdateLocation to determine whether a new update is available.
Public method CheckForUpdateAsync Checks UpdateLocation asynchronously to determine whether a new update is available.
Public method CheckForUpdateAsyncCancel Cancels the asynchronous update check.
Public method DownloadFileGroup Downloads a set of optional files on demand.
Public method DownloadFileGroupAsync Overloaded. Downloads, on demand, a set of optional files in the background.
Public method DownloadFileGroupAsyncCancel Cancels an asynchronous file download.
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Public method IsFileGroupDownloaded Checks whether the named file group has already been downloaded to the client computer.
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Public method Update Starts a synchronous download and installation of the latest version of this application.
Public method UpdateAsync Starts an asynchronous download and installation of the latest version of this application.
Public method UpdateAsyncCancel Cancels an asynchronous update initiated by UpdateAsync.

Public property ActivationUri Gets the URL used to launch the deployment manifest of the application.
Public property Static member CurrentDeployment Returns the current ApplicationDeployment for this deployment.
Public property CurrentVersion Gets the version of the deployment for the current running instance of the application.
Public property DataDirectory Gets the path to the ClickOnce data directory.
Public property IsFirstRun Gets a value indicating whether this is the first time this application has run on the client computer.
Public property Static member IsNetworkDeployed Gets a value indicating whether the current application is a ClickOnce application.
Public property TimeOfLastUpdateCheck Gets the date and the time ClickOnce last checked for an application update.
Public property UpdatedApplicationFullName Infrastructure. Gets the full name of the application after it has been updated.
Public property UpdatedVersion Gets the version of the update that was recently downloaded.
Public property UpdateLocation Gets the Web site or file share from which this application updates itself.

Public event CheckForUpdateCompleted Occurs when CheckForUpdateAsync has completed.
Public event CheckForUpdateProgressChanged Occurs when a progress update is available on a CheckForUpdateAsync call.
Public event DownloadFileGroupCompleted Occurs on the main application thread when a file download is complete.
Public event DownloadFileGroupProgressChanged Occurs when status information is available on a file download operation initiated by a call to DownloadFileGroupAsync.
Public event UpdateCompleted Occurs when ClickOnce has finished upgrading the application as the result of a call to UpdateAsync.
Public event UpdateProgressChanged Occurs when ClickOnce has new status information for an update operation initiated by calling the UpdateAsync method.