Addition Operator

DateTimeOffset.Addition Operator (DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan)


Adds a specified time interval to a DateTimeOffset object that has a specified date and time, and yields a DateTimeOffset object that has new a date and time.

Namespace:   System
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Shared Operator + (
	dateTimeOffset As DateTimeOffset,
	timeSpan As TimeSpan
) As DateTimeOffset


Type: System.DateTimeOffset

The object to add the time interval to.

Type: System.TimeSpan

The time interval to add.

Return Value

Type: System.DateTimeOffset

An object whose value is the sum of the values of dateTimeTz and timeSpan.

Exception Condition

The resulting DateTimeOffset value is less than MinValue.


The resulting DateTimeOffset value is greater than MaxValue.

The Addition method defines the addition operation for DateTimeOffset values. It enables code such as the following:

Dim date1 As New DateTimeOffset(#1/1/2008 1:32:45PM#, _
             New TimeSpan(-5, 0, 0)) 
Dim interval1 As New TimeSpan(202, 3, 30, 0)
Dim interval2 As New TimeSpan(5, 0, 0, 0)      
Dim date2 As DateTimeOffset 

Console.WriteLine(date1)         ' Displays 1/1/2008 1:32:45 PM -05:00
date2 = date1 + interval1
Console.WriteLine(date2)         ' Displays 7/21/2008 5:02:45 PM -05:00
date2 += interval2
Console.WriteLine(date2)         ' Displays 7/26/2008 5:02:45 PM -05:00     

Languages that do not support custom operators and operator overloading can call the Add method instead.

Universal Windows Platform
Available since 4.5
.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
Portable Class Library
Supported in: portable .NET platforms
Available since 2.0
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 7.0
Windows Phone
Available since 8.1
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